Ways to Ensure Your SEO Rankingwill Never Go Down

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is becoming a very important tool for business in this digital age, therefore if you own a business, you either have to be an SEO specialist or hire one. There are a good number of SEO tricks you can apply to make sure your website gets a great ranking on Google and keep your business at the top of google searches. A couple of tricks include ensuring your landing page has optimal speed, producing contents that are really engaging to the audience, optimizing your image quality and ensuring you break up long contents with several header tags.

In addition, there is Google My Business. According to Smallbiztrends, google search results prioritize Google My Business listings. Consequently, many searchers don’t bother paging below these or clicking through to a website. All the information needed by Google searchers can be obtained from GMB. Therefore, a business must ensure their Google My Business page makes the cut by regularly adding new photos, posts, offers or videos and keeping your description current. Google My Business now allows users to add posts too. A company must consider GMB as its own little website and add every possible information about the business to it.

Droidmen explains four ways to improve your company’s organic SEO rankings.

Engaging Content

You have to make your content as engaging as possible and update new content very often if you want to drive traffic to your site. The more your website is loved by web users, the higher it would be placed on Google rankings, so make sure you post relevant and up to date content. Google also uses dwell time to rank your content. Dwell Time is defined by how much time people spend at your site on each visit. So it is important to post information that would keep people on your site for longer periods of time.

High Landing Page Speed

It is important that the landing page of your website has a very high speed. Not only would Google penalize you if it doesn’t but internet users would also abandon your site, for other similar sites, if it takes too long to load. Most of the people who leave due to slow landing page speeds, would not come back.Droidmen says that “if your page takes more than three seconds to load the abandonment rate is about 40%. Whereas if your page takes less than two seconds the abandonment rate is fewer than 10%.”

Pay attention to your images

Imageis everything when trying to boost your site’s SEO ranking. Optimize the images properly so that that is the right file format and size. Large images might slow down the loading speed of your page. Furthermore, you can add a caption to your images, with keywords to boost SEO rankings.

Break Up Content with Headers

Making use of headers to break long contents into several parts is the right way to go for a favourable SEO ranking. Content with header tags are easier for the readers, plain long content with no headers would easily bore the reader, making them turn away as soon as they click, thereby reducing your SEO ranking.