Ways to Grow Your Cannabis Brand through Digital Marketing

The digital marketing limitations for the cannabis business are only a hurdle along the way and these limitations, in no way, shape or form prevent the potential outcomes of an effective social PR strategy.

According to SEJ, we are in a time where consumer trust is at a record-breaking low. Clients are relying on family and friends, reviewers, and third-party testimony to find out about brands.

This is the ideal opportunity for businesses to take advantage of and make the ideal pitch for cannabis brand success. There’s no better time to channel resources into media outreach.

If you recognize the deterrents to digital marketing in the cannabis industry, then you would know how to defeat them and make your brand successful through e-marketing.

What are the restrictions to digital marketing in the Cannabis industry?

Cannabis is a profitable industry. CBD, hemp, medical and recreational pot are standing out as truly newsworthy in all news segments including government, finance, cosmetics, fashion wellness, health.

While the cannabis business is one of the most lucrative enterprises, advertising and marketing cannabis can be remarkably stifling. This is particularly true when you are attempting to utilize Google Ads and social promotions, for example, Facebook or Twitter.

Even the Super Bowl dismissed a PSA-type advertisement advancing the legalization of medicinal marijuana, they deemed the promotion improper and not up to the broadcaster’s standards.

However, Marijuana has also had a few victories.By the year 2018, 11 states and the District of Columbia had passed state laws legalizing marijuana for recreational use. 21 other states have passed numerous laws sanctioning limited use of medical cannabis products. Canada legalized weed around the entire country as of October 2018. Therefore, the weed industry, despite having experienced a lot of setbacks in the past, is here to stay.

Search Engine Journal has pointed out a number of ways to grow your cannabis business through social media marketing.

  • Marketing on Instagram: Instagram has transitioned itself into a digital mall by opening up new doors for visual merchandising with its latest in-app shopping feature.
  • Marketing through Podcasts: Build your own podcasts or pitch to be a guest. According to the article, if your cannabis brand is in the health and wellness spectrum look at podcasts such as Wellness Mama, The Skinny Confidential, and The Mission Daily. There are also cannabis-focused podcasts such as Potcast, Green Rush Ventures, and Cannabis Health Radio.
  • Marketing on Facebook: Brands can create a shopping experience for their users within their Facebook profile. Facebook gives business pages the option of adopting a shopping template that will allow you to link your e-business site to Facebook, and enable Facebook users to shop under the shopping tab and within each post.
  • Marketing on Twitter: Twitter offers some of the biggest incentives such as the use of promoted and retarget posts and its UX built to track trending events and topics.
  • Marketing on Pinterest: As a platform that functions as a social network, shopping network, and search engine all at once, it’s no wonder the platform has been attracting businesses and brands looking to increase sales and build brand awareness.