Major Components of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in 2019

At the beginning of every new year, a good number of tricks and tips for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) flood digital marketing feeds with forecasts for the new year. Over the last few years, Google has made several updates that will keep affecting businesses and their online presence in 2019. To maintain great digital appearances, companies would have to follow certain SEO trend tips.

A SEO Hosting, a supplier of SEO-friendly hosting, has acknowledged what it feels are the three most basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) trends of 2019.

As indicated by Daniel Page, Director of Business Development at A SEO Hosting, cited in Host review these include mobile friendliness, user experience and local search.

It has been known for quite a while now, that Google utilizes a site’s functionality on mobile phones as a ranking sign. Nonetheless, Google has as of late begun utilizing a site’s mobile version for ranking and indexing. This implies, according to Daniel, that a site that does not give priority to cell phone and tablet users is probably going to experience lower ranking.

User experience, in the meantime, is made up ofvarious distinct parts of a site. Page speed is among the most imperative, yet content quality, GDPR compliance, and overall relevance are very important too. Daniel encourages organizations to have a complete understanding of their audience, and use that understanding to give them the best experience they can.

Lastly, local search has remained a crucial trend for quite a while, and 2019 will be the same. Local search results will keep on attracting audiences, while geotargeted advertisements will keep on showing significant profits. Organizations should complete their Google My Business listings and incorporate location and contact data wherever applicable.

“Today’s customers overwhelmingly seek businesses that make them the priority,” explains Daniel, quoted in the article. “It’s not surprising that Google’s algorithms are evolving to reflect that. Ranking these days involves more than simply understanding the technical elements of on-page SEO – it involves understanding your customer and making a concerted effort to provide them with exceptional service and value.”

“A business that puts its customers first will not only find itself ranking higher on Google, but will also likely see increased conversions and improved customer loyalty,” he continues. “At the end of the day, this means that there is no reason not to follow the trends. You’ll adhere to them simply by trying to provide the best service you can.”

Business2Community also offers a few Important SEO Trends to Boost Your Traffic in 2019, they include:

  1. Put Mobile First
  2. Metadata: Use powerful main and geo-targeted keywords in your headers and page titles
  3. Keyword Updates
  4. The Importance of Meeting User Intent: This involves making sure that your content is answering users’ questions while making use of keywords.
  5. Voice Search Optimization: Optimize your site for voice searches else you would be falling behind in technological trend.
  6. Optimized Video Content
  7. Long-form Content Comeback
  8. Influencer Marketing