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MWC 2019: The coolest gadgets and tech that impressed us in Barcelona


Another MWC is over. The world’s biggest mobile show, held annually in Barcelona, Spain, had a lot to offer this year. We saw many new smartphones and gadgets over four exhausting days. Some felt flat and failed to impress us. But there were a few gems that bring innovation to the table.

We tried to pick five coolest gadgets and tech that really stood in the halls of Fira Gran Via in Barcelona. Here are our favorites.

Nokia 9 PureView

While the jury is (still) out on whether we need five cameras on a phone, Nokia 9 PureView seemed promising in the little time we spent with the exclusive, limited-edition phone. Nokia 9 PureView caters to pro users who understand the fundamentals of photography, so the phone is super niche in terms of the demography it caters to. But even then the idea of selling a smartphone with six-module cameras (five lenses + Time of Flight) co-designed with Zeiss and Light in itself is fascinating.

What’s interesting here, is how the device takes shots on all five cameras together, then stitches the results together to create a single image. The implementation is not only different, but it’s also unique. No word on local pricing or availability, but HMD Global’s Ajey Mehta has confirmed to the launch of Nokia 9 PureView in India is a done deal.

Huawei Mate X

We have always dreamt of a device that’s pocketable and handy as a phone, but offering much larger screen (similar to a tablet) when required. The Mate X is such a device that blends a phone and a tablet together. The reason why everyone’s talking about Huawei’s Mate X is that it does not look like a concept device.

Of course, it won’t be an easy task for Huawei to convince users to buy a foldable phone. The challenges are innumerable; like the cost of manufacturing, software issues and to ensure the foldable screen can withstand a lot of drops and pressure. Nevertheless, the $2600 Mate X did manage to create a positive impression about the future of foldable phones. Undoubtedly, the Mate X is by far the best foldable phone we have seen so far, easily beating the likes of Samsung’s Galaxy Fold and Royole Flexpai. Read our first look of Huawei Mate X.