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Online Dating Industry Booms With Professionally Written Profiles


Lately, online dating has gotten a lot more popular. Dating sites are all over the internet, eager to match-make people. On these sites, you find some profiles that are skillfully created with glamorous pictures and descriptions that are really witty and attractive. Salon.comrecently revealed that most of these descriptions are actually paid for and professionally written.

Online dating no doubt started as just another way to find love but now it has transformed to an industry, predicts that by 2020, it will grow by 5.1% per year to $3.2 billion.

According to, at least 49 million singles have at one time or the other, dabbled into online dating and research says that 22 percent of straight couples and 67 percent of gay couples met online.With this statistics, companies are starting to sprout up whose sole purpose is to make money off the business of online dating, by creating and formingonline dating profiles for othersand getting paid for these services.

Strange but true, people hire these professionals to design their online dating profiles. People essentially pay for this service either to save time or to have great quality profiles that they just do not have the capacity to create by themselves.

There are a lot of people on most online dating websites so it usually seems like a kind of competition. Alex McDermott, the co-founder of Pimp My Profile, told Salon. “Everyone is doing online dating, and now everyone is trying to optimize themselves and make themselves stand out more because there is a lot of competition,” “I think that what we are doing is going to be as common as Tinder down the road — online dating isn’t going anywhere.”

McDermott and his co-founder, Gillian Walker, started their business in 2015 after they both individually suffered the chaotic world of online dating.

“We were on Tinder seeing some atrocities out there,” said Walker, who was a life coach prior to founding Pimp My Profile. The duo started their company four years ago. Walker said that the main reason people seek for their help is many people find it difficult to write about themselves, they just don’t know what to put on their profile that will attract people.

So Pimp My Profile would ask for the client’s best moments, interests and features then the company uses this information to create a profile for the client. Unsurprisingly there are concerns as to whether this trend might lead to catfishing- The act of using a false identity on the internet to deceive others. However, Joshua Pompey, a man who owns an online dating profile consulting company Next Evolution Matchmaking, said, “We don’t misrepresent someone or make them into someone they’re not. If somebody is not ‘silly’, we aren’t going to make their profile silly. We take all the best aspects of who they are and highlight their best self, based on that.” Joshua says he started the work in 2009 and he has written more than 20,000 profiles since then.