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DC Dimming feature coming to OnePlus phones: Top executive



  • OnePlus to roll out DC Dimming feature in future updates.
  • Internally, the demo has worked fine.
  • It will be released as an optional feature.

OnePlus became a top brand in India not only due to the competitive price of its phones, but also because it brings a lot of features, like Nightscape photography (like Google’s Night Sight) to its devices. In the latest development, OnePlus is bringing a display-related technology which is reportedly gaining a lot traction. With the increasing use of the OLED panels in the smartphone industry, DC Dimming feature has been looked upon the next big thing and OnePlus looks to be one of the early adopters.

What is DC Dimming?

In layman’s terms, DC dimming feature automatically adjusts (dims and lightens up) the brightness of the phone’s display according to the ambient environment. Now almost every phone has this “adjustment feature” in them but it is NOT DC Dimming. The feature is a more effective way of controlling the light output of an LED fixture. The technology uses a DC current to control the output, that is, if the voltage goes up, the display will emit more light and vice-versa. DC dimming is one of the most effective way to reduce the low-brightness strobe.

Oppo has already showed a demo of the tech in a short video and announced that the Oppo Reno will have this technology. Xiaomi introduced DC dimming with its Black Shark 2, and the Mi 9 may also get this in upcoming MIUI updates. OnePlus will be the latest addition to the list of companies to include the DC Dimming. Company CEO Pete Lau posted on Weibo that OnePlus is also considering to roll out DC dimming functionality in future updates.

However, every OnePlus user may not be able to use this feature initially. Lau said that the feature’s demo has gone well within the development team and the company will roll it out to those who are willing to test it early. It is expected to be available in the OnePlus Laboratory or within the Developer Options.